PlacoVU’s team believes that the future of online and mobile shopping will be localized. The key to winning that future is to maximize the value inherent in existing product data (i.e., inventory) by standardizing it and integrating it with online marketing.

PlacoVU adds value to your existing inventory management system by transforming this product data into a standard repository that can be leveraged for improved marketing efforts. A well-organized product data set provides a competitive edge for turning online shoppers into local shoppers:

Three Reasons Why You Should Work With Us…
  • Our systems create "Expansive Presence" that strengthens your product marketing mix (Online or Digital)
  • We have created an ability to "Optimize" your product data which in turn strengthens your placement and relevancy both online or in a digital format to generate increased sales opportunities of your product line.
  • And finally, we assist you with "Monetizing" your company’s product data set.

Why Would You Do This?
It’s fundamental and sound to your future growth…
It will allow Your Organization to:
  • Inspire B2C scenarios
  • Enable deployment for
    • large marketing networks
    • direct B2B partnerships
    • Credit Card Reward Redemption - Allow major credit card holders the instant gratification of browsing and purchasing products directly with reward points for in-store pickup, without having to deal with gift cards or shipping delays.
  • Enhance brand influence by driving "localized” marketing efforts
    • increase consumer product purchases
    • improve brand awareness
    • and shop accessibility
    • And in the end, improving your overall reach…

Where Can We Strengthen Your Company Product Marketing and Revenues?
  • Product Information APIs
  • Store Data Sharing (Corporate Staff, Dealer Network & Partners)
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Complete Online E-Commerce Storefronts
  • Product Reviews
  • Effective Search Engine Collaboration
  • EBay Store / Amazon Marketplace

Our team has been providing solutions similar to these for some time. We have been creating our enterprise solution called SpringBoard Data Solutions. It allows Large to Midsize companies to compete with giant retailers, like, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Amazon on a more equal terrain.

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