Why PlacoVU Solutions?

"Elevating the Value of Your Product Data”

Why is Big Data at the backbone of most conversations at almost every conference room table around the globe? Sure, it’s a subject highlighted in industry reports but today it’s discussed on the evening news which perpetuates conversations at dinner tables, coffee houses and corner bars between the general public mostly driven by fear because of the great unknowns.

Why is there such intensity and diversion centered on such a generalized problem?

In most cases, it seems very odd to us that experts are forecasting limited spending on a topic so overplayed on the airways and spent discussing to corporate ad nauseam. Nevertheless, if looked at amongst the eyes of the general population you will see clearly that most people are completely confused by the term "Big Data” – we’re included.

As explained to us, from a pure analytics standpoint analysts would surmise that more data is beneficial to acquiring more authentic results. Thus, better data. We believe that this is also true with the accumulation of product-specific data as well. However, it does not escape the fact that data, either Big or Small, is completely useless until you combine the appropriate data to be utilized in a meaningful, fruitful way.

This is exactly why our PlacoVu team has come together and why our proprietary SpringBoard Data solution was completed to optimize your product data set so you can maximize your return on product revenues. We realize that product databases are bulging at the seams, hardware technologies are reaching tremendous performance and our database practices and our leading edge architecture backbone delivers optimum speed and efficiencies providing you options never made available before to your company.

The topic that most interests us isn’t "Big Data” but the use of disparate data (unstructured data) to create more revenue streams surrounding the sale of more of your products at a fair margin. This is only one of the many avenues our team of experts can elevate you product data and increase your revenue model.